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~What is Forensic Hypnosis~

Forensic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis in the field of law enforcement. Forensic use of hypnosis is often used to help witnesses recall events and descriptions of suspects that normal memory recall cannot. Often even important things are forgotten, especially if they are traumatic or otherwise disturbing

The use of forensic hypnosis occurs when retrieval of information from witnesses cannot be acquired through any other means. There is never leading questions asked during the interview and the sessions are always held in a professional manner for law enforcement and private means

In order to ensure that solid forensic hypnosis that facilitates the investigation of a crime is not devalued, it has become standard and vital operating procedure that all hypnosis sessions are recorded on video and audio and that the session is witnessed by independent observers. In addition, to further strengthen the case, the hypnosis must be performed by a trained hypnotist  
One thing that a forensic hypnotist cannot do is and is never called to do is to help a suspect confess to a crime. Not only is this impossible, but any confession arrived at through hypnosis would never be admissible in court.   
Pattie has helped many of her clients with problem solving issues pertaining to forensic hypnosis.   

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