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kThinking Determines What You want - Action Determines What you Geting DDS


Male Performance Anxiety-

Male Performance anxiety is a term referring to the subconsciousness and anxiousness about the quality of one's performance that actually by focusing on the performance you find a decrease in the quality of what you expect.

Yes, this can happen to anyone, no reason why, any gender, any age, any personality type, any IQ. This can hinder on your self esteem, confidence and your self worth. Sexual performance anxiety can be caused by a simple word or phrase that is taken emotionally and even a event from years before. It can be a reoccurring event or just something that just happens. As it happens more and more you become more aware that it is becoming a issue and now you plan on it...think about it...and when that intimate time comes you have self sabotage yourself by just thinking about failure. It can be embarrassing and you find that you tend to avoid such moments. Using Hypnosis to assist you in regaining your self image of greatness and consistency at times you need it. You began to feel more sure and Positive of the moment.

No more feeling you didn't the mind was gearing up to bring you what you were learn to prepare the mind to succeed. Be able to see yourself on the road to more confidence when it comes to sexual performance No more anxiety just feel that what you are experiencing will be consistent and no more worries.

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