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 YIPS! What is it...

Yips or the Yips so they say is an expression used to describe the apparent loss of certain motor skills seemingly without explanation in one of a number of different sports. Actually it is a phobia that affects athletes and it can be temporary.

Professional or leading amateur athletes can all be affected by the Yips sometimes recover their ability, sometimes compensate by changing technique, or may be forced to abandon their sport at the highest level. Usually caused by stress and frustration.

Yips for baseball as for a pitcher that can’t find the plate. Even a catcher who can’t throw the ball back to the pitcher. He might have issues releasing the ball back. and becomes frustrated. Working with numerous pitchers who are fine pitching, when it comes to throwing to the bases it becomes too much stress when he needs to pitch to the catcher especially during pressured times.

Golfers have the same issues when it comes with putting. Their focus is not there and they feel their grip is different and they can not perform as they once did. A uncertainty is there in their mind that gives them doubt they refer to this as YIPS.

YIPS effects all athletes and they need to learn how to take control over their sport in order to make a improvement.

The Yips affects players in sports such as Baseball Pittsburgh Pirate pitcher Steve Blass was sent down to the minors to rid himself of the Yips; the "Steve Blass Disease" diagnosis is applied to talented players most notably Blass or New York Yankess second baseman Chuck Knoblauch who inexplicably and permanently seem to lose their ability to perform. It can happen to any player no exceptions.

  •  Throws the ball to the Pitcher- Mental part of  the Brain -   
  •  The Fear of throwing the ball and releasing it~ Emotional part of the Brain   
  •  Performance of actually throwing the ball to the player Physical part of the Brain  

Each time the player feels threaten the mind freezes. Once the mind feels stressed and pressure the mind feels less accurate with each throw. The player then gets more distressed, doubts and need to correct his pitching or throwing more and that's when instead of getting better it turns to the worst.

Focus and Confidence is part of the program and with having Yips sometimes it is hard for the athlete to regain it after a long period of Yips.

Many athletes have experienced tremendous results by leaving the Yips behind by using the Mental Training Program. Baseball Yips can affect anyone at anytime and all athletes can overcome having the Yips but you can not avoid it.

So I bet you ask I wonder If I have the Yips...

  • One player had a hard time staying focus at bat, so he would shift one side to the other and when the ball was coming towards the batter he stepped back from the ball. After using the tools from the Mental Training Program the batter found himself being focused and hitting the ball out of the park.  
  • A Major League athlete had a problem throwing the ball to the pitcher and found that he can throw it 90-120 feet but was unable to throw it 60 feet to the mound. He then found that by using the techniques of focus and relaxing he can overcome the fears and be able to take control and throw without fear.  
  • A pitcher was unsure why he had a difficult time releasing the ball as he pitched it to the catcher. He was frustrated and felt that he was going to overthrowing the base. Once he knew what he needed to do with his focus, it had to change and now he was able to "Let go" of his fears and he was able to pitch without any worries.  
  • A catcher, needed some help about releasing the ball to the pitcher due to a past injury. He was stressed and feeling distracted about how he was throwing. He needed to get back to his old self and needed a positive change with immediate results. He made the changes in his career and started to see it happen for him and now he overcame his difficulties.  
  • My favorite player MLB had difficulty hitting the ball and his BA was getting bad, He tried things that were unconventional and then he came to me by referral. By this after a few sessions his game had turned around and he was hitting like his old self once again.  

These and many others have used the Mental Training Program with Pattie Freeman and they have found great results. The Athletes feel that they will try anything to find out why this is happening and get it corrected quickly before it gets worst.

So if you have a Baseball situation and need assistance in getting results just remember you are dealing with the subconscious mind and this is where it all started and that's is what Mental Training deals with to correct it. It had formed a habit forming routine of letting your mind fear it over and over. Throwing the ball and getting the same results with no changes and now there is a way to get rid of those negative responses and start a fresh new chapter in your life...

So why wait and try to figure out if you have the Yips or not...does it matter?

  • Do you want to play this season?  
  • Are you self-sabotaging yourself?  
  • Afraid of change?  
  • Are you waiting for it to pass?  

Why not make the changes now!

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