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kThinking Determines What You want - Action Determines What you Geting DDS



Heroin- Cocaine- Prescription- Marijuana- Alcohol-Gambling- Sex -Food

Pattie Freeman has been recognized as the BEST well known hypnotist to have rehabilitated heroin and cocaine addicts. She now shares the secrets and experiences by helping her clients with hypnotic and motivational techniques with support so they will experience the positive results referring to Substance Abuse, gambling and Alcohol addiction.

Addictions are uncontrollable and can be deadly for those who do not seek help. Whether its a 12 step program or individual support through private rehab centers. The question is this what happens afterwards, after you are released and you find yourself on your own, thinking for yourself, Your mind takes over old patterns and routines.  You find yourself repeating old thought patterns and you might to start to spin out of control and you don't know why.

Pattie has been successful with the hypnotic process for addiction especially for those who had tried everything else and they have reached a dead end.  They don't know where to turn and find they need to change their life into a positive and they have no choice.

Pattie's program has helped thousands of her clients reach positive changes in their life for them lead a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. If you are uncertain how this works it's just easy. Did you know during rehab there is only 1 out of 12 addicts finish the process successfully.

To overcome substance abuse, a person needs to have the full control of his/her conscious and subconscious mind. Unfortunately, drug addiction tends to alter the mind. If you're planning to use your will power to overcome an addiction to drugs, you know that will power may be severely compromised, This is why hypnosis can work.

Hypnosis relaxes the body and eases the mind into a pleasant, relaxed, altered state. Within this state, the mind is then able to take "suggestions." successfully without restrictions or seld sabatoge. These suggestions can encourage and nodified to motivate you when your rational mind cannot encourage and motivate itself.

Depending on the type and severity of your addiction, you may need to seek other help and may have already. Most of the clients that use Hypnosis for addiction it's their next step after rehab. If you are a smoker, for instance, you may well be able to listen to self-hypnosis MP3s and quit smoking without any other assistance. If you are addicted to alcohol or pain pills, you may have been or will need to enter treatment, visit a trained hypnotherapist in person, and join a 12 step program.

Call to make a appointment or get more information about the substance abuse program or Gambling Hypnosis program. Scottsdale Az. on site or at in home sessions available.

Feel free to call for a free consultation and see if Hypnotherapy is for you...remember if you are wantiing change you have to be ready to change your lifestyle and be able to accept and let go.