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SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Forget gastric bypass surgery, because the new key to losing weight could be as easy as spending a few hours a week in an artificially induced trance resembling sleep… Better known as hypnosis.“It doesn’t hurt. It’s me - he’s going to be talking to me on the inside,” said Sondra Lambert, a hypnotic lapband patient. Certified hypnotherapists are using the power of suggestion. The minds of patients are able to convince their bodies that they’ve experienced the lapband surgery.

The result has people eating less and dropping pounds without the scarring or the large medical bills.“The idea that hypnosis can convince people to eat less is very intriguing,” said Pattie Freeman, a certified hypnotherapist in Scottsdale.Take Debrah Herber for instance. She’s down 58 pounds since starting the hypnosis.“It doesn’t feel like a temporary measure this time. It feels more like a lifestyle change, like something I can live with and I can continue,” said Herber.

However, doctors who perform the surgery aren’t convinced yet.Dr. Peter Liao said he wants overweight people to have options, but he also wants to see more clinical data.“We need to see how well does it work in the long run so patients really understand when they make these choices - yes, this is zero risk, but what is the benefit?” asked Liao.

To that, Freeman responded, “You don’t have to believe in hypnosis. You just have to believe in yourself.”If you have less to lose, maybe just 15 pounds, Freeman has a plan for you too. It’s a series of three sessions that have been scaled down, and comes in at $400.


World Hypnotism Day 2014


World Hypnotism Day was celebrated with viewers from Channel 15 News. Hypnotherapist from the Scottsdale NGH Chapter help celebrate this event with participants as a group to experience Hypnosis at no charge to the community for varies topics such as weight loss, Prosperity and Abundance, Stress release, Stop Smoking and Age regression. It was a Success!